New City, New life & Hotel Living

Without realizing it, I couldn’t move forward in my new Calgary life until I wrapped-up all loose ends tied to Winnipeg.  I had multiple posts started, thinking how cool live updates would be, but all I could do was make sure I tied up Winnipeg in the pretty bow that it  deserves; just a couple days ago I finished up my blog post about our favourite places to explore in Winnipeg and our Winnipeg family scrapbook Continue reading

20/100 happy weeks

The secret’s out…


We’re having a baby!!!

Sparing you details on the nausea and that I slept away a month and a half of my life, I am happy to say we’re into 2nd trimester already and THANK GOD!

Now at 18 weeks I am very uncomfortable in my clothes, I don’t know what a button is anymore, I can’t stop eating (at 16 weeks there was a shift up and my eating habits would be equivalent to that of prison inmate – i’m assuming, according to my experience watching Orange is the new black) STARVING – all the time.  I had to start eating lunch in my office because the speed at which I inhale food is at the least embarrassing and probably downright animalistic.  I gained 7 pds in the last four weeks however I can almost guarantee it happened in two.

The worst part, I don’t look pregnant, yet.  I look like I am half way through first year of university; eating pizza at 2 am, cafeteria food and pasta because it’s easy and cures a hangover.  With a full guarantee there are no hangovers being nursed here and I am eating more salad than I ever did in my 20’s, this look is completely uncalled for.  Come on belly, pop already!!

There are many things I am looking forward to, like having only 5 more months of work, a year vacation (although I have my suspicions it won’t feel like one), all the “blonde moments” are now “baby brain” moments… it’s happening right now, I can’t think of any more good things to come.  I already can’t sleep through the night and if hubs were not around to do laundry and every other chore that I have completely disregarded, life would be messy.  Is it too early to S.O.S, prairie style – in the middle of a field, ha.

This doesn’t mean were not embracing the whole experience, we researched which books we wanted to read beforehand, have started a name board that hangs in our kitchen and officially bought my first pieces of maternity wear last weekend.  However, the most exciting part is that were finding out the gender this week! Hopefully we have full cooperation by this little one and he/she let’s us know!  (My personal feeling, it’s a girl)

Last note for this post:  there have been some milestone moments that we unfortunately have had to miss with this move (thanks FaceTime for bringing home to Winnipeg), however, if it wasn’t for our move I don’t know if we would be having our own little milestone happening either.  Winnipeg you’ve been good to us so far, keep it up 😉

Kiki xo