How to perfectly cook your leftovers in 10 minutes or less!

We all know it too well, cooking dinner to perfection the night before and knowing the minute you re-heat it for lunch the next day it will automatically be overcooked – or else you nuke it to luke warm, yuck.  Lucky for you, I have the solution.

All you need is your trusty microwave steamer, some veggies (3-Minute Carrot Hack) and your leftover protein from the night before.

First, steam your veggies.

While this is happening, slice your protein.

Once your veggies are done remove them from the steamer, throw your protein in and close the lid.  DO NOT PUT IN MICROWAVE.

The time it will take (few minutes) to season/prepare your veggies your protein will be warmed up by the steam and will not be dried out.  Voila, lunch is ready (and healthy)!