37/100 happy weeks – Last Staycation

We have success!  I am happily reporting to you from the Fairmont, enjoying my last staycation before little miss j comes along.  The recency of this post is also attributed to a second cancellation of our maternity photos.  Instead of letting the magic hands of Flo at MAC do her work I am chillaxin’ sans make-up by the pool  on the 21st floor with a view of the city; covered in Saskatchewan smoke and leftover dismal grey skies from the thunderstorm last night.  Rainy days are the best.  The depleted air quality… well it brings back memories of city life.

I will be officially enjoying my “last weeks” now and not taking any of it for granted as last week my brother and his wife welcomed baby Zachary into the world!   He is the most precious little man I have ever seen and I can’t wait to get my hands on him in September! In a short period of time he has already grown so much I can’t imagine what he is going to look like in a few months.  I also can’t wait for him to meet his new and younger (this will be beneficial when she’s older) cousin.  If my little man Zach is anything like his father, she will be well taken care of when they are old enough to gallavant,  libation in hand with each other – doing things they think we don’t know about.  Haha.

With 5 weeks left to go, I am getting anxious to meet her too – hopefully the ultrasounds were right or else there will be a boy with a lot of pink clothes strolling around Manitoba.

If you asked E or I last week how ready we were… “ummmm” would of been our response.  And if you asked us what we did every weekend, the girls at WKC and BRU would be able to vouch for us, what we do and buy when were there is another mystery.  As six weeks quickly widdled down to five this week, and as I stared at a laundry basket full of clean baby clothes and one full of to-be-washed, I needed to make a plan.  I am not going to apologize for this, ironing (I know this will be the first and last time I do this) of all her stuff.  I made my way through half, the other half awaits me; I can feel my staycation slowly coming to an end.

Sterilization of bottles also sent me into panic mode, recently.  How?  How often? Even plastic bottles?  I have since watched countless YouTube videos and annoyed enough people at BRU as well as my online mommies to figure out what I am going to do.  I have made the decision to “kick-it old school” – boil water in a pot.  No microwave kit, no counter steam kit just good ol’ water.  The pot is Al-Clad…I think that ups the “old school” factor and brings some level of modernity to it…?  Now, the act of sterilization. Ugh.

And finally this week we managed to pick-up the last few, mandatory, items – a diaper genie, bassinet and other stuff… you know, the important stuff, that I probably should be remembering.  Needless to say, I just have to pack my hospital bag, the baby’s hospital bag and as all the books say my “birthing partner’s” bag as well and she will be able to come anytime – wrinkly clothes and all!

Nursery updates coming soon!

Kiki xoxo







35/100 happy weeks – Sleep & A Sweet Tooth

What can I say, this pregnancy is kicking my butt in the sleep department!

When I thought not being able to sleep-in on weekends was my biggest problem, adding multiple potty breaks to the middle of the night coupled with the inability to get out of bed with ease makes for quite an entertaining sequence of events – show times occur every two hours, if you’re interested.  I don’t think Cirque will be calling anytime soon.

I was really hoping that I would have been able to document more of this pregnancy.  I had great plans to take pictures of every purchase, what I was wearing, how big I was growing on a weekly basis – it was going to be amazing, and hopefully set off my blogging career…  Pregnancy had different plans.

Over the past two months I have been lucky to be making it through most days at work, and even then I wonder what I do all day as this so called “baby-brain” is causing me memory loss… or it’s the focus on staying awake that takes up so much space there is no room for the brain to do anything else.  Needless to say, nothing gets done Monday to Friday from 6pm – 6am the next day.  It’s all on the weekend (which leaves no time to update everyone).

One thing pregnancy did change in me was my craving for salty foods.  A bag of chips and a bottle of wine used to be a great night.  Since little ms. has come into the picture I think half of our food bill has been on sugar!  It started off with random trips to Bulk Barn (conveniently located across the st.) then escalated to juice and lots of it, then to popsicles (artisaned by ChefE himself), to pudding cups, cookies, any type of chocolate, more bulk barn and can’t forget to add ICE CREAM – 2L a week sounds about right, that’s without sharing.  Scared for my GD test, you betcha!  As I heard all the horror stories of how gross the juice for the test was I was worried my nausea just might come back.

On a Saturday morning, after fasting for 2 hours it was time.  The nurse pulled the orange drink from the fridge and told me to drink it within 5 min  – timer was set.  Gulping it down seemed like the right thing to do, just get it over with…. the problem with that, I didn’t want it to end.  It was sooo good.  I wanted more.  If that’s not a sweet craving I don’t know what is.  Fortunately I passed, unfortunately my indulgences continued.

Currently, I am at 33 weeks and weighing an additional 37 pds – with no regrets.  #happypregnancy

33 weeks


Kiki xoxo