12/100 happy weeks – New Year

Slightly overdue but not yet too late, Happy New Year!

We successfully made it through Christmas and New Years … sort of.  For the 2nd year in a row I have baked my was through more than a few dozen snowball cookies, and once again well received! It was a green Christmas just like in Ontario and the hubs, who was supposed to get his first Christmas day off in over 15 years ended up having to work, what a lovely surprise  the morning of the 25th!  There were many other words shared that morning and ‘lovely’ was definitely not one of them.  For me, it was just another day – but with presents!


New years in Winnipeg was a bit different than Toronto.  Where restaurants in the city are ready and waiting for you to pay 3x more than normal, Winnipeg seems to shut theirs down.  Needless to say our dining experience was anti-climatic. I guess to be expected when an area of +800,000 people still consider themselves, a town.  But as Winnipeg license plates say ‘Friendly Manitoba’ we were surrounded by an amazing group of people later that night to ring in the New Year!  Thanks Jill.

During the break (yes, I had a break from my TH life) I picked up my camera again and started to learn, re-learn, manual settings.  This time I might actually put my knowledge to use – something I didn’t do last time.  With temperatures at a steady daily of -18, running errands isn’t a problem but I feel standing outside trying to apply my newly learned (and still learning) skills may be too
much for me.  I may take to exploring The Forks and its market this week and use that as my canvass.  I swear I’m an artist at heart (no laughing).

Along with Winnipeg weather comes a dryer cold.  This and the bright sun we get almost every day is what makes -18 not so bad.  What I didn’t expect is to be so dehydrated, no matter how many litres of water.  Not only have bathroom breaks increased but I had to introduce a summer treat to my winter regime – popsicles. Going the healthy route I took the gallons of juice I had been drinking and started freezing them into these cute popsicle trays.  The best part, they have a straw attached so you can drink the melted juice ….it’s the little things.


Finally, I have to confess that I have not made a new years resolution in years.  I had convinced myself that if I wanted to make any healthy or new changes that I don’t have to wait for the ring of a bell to do it.  Well, it appears I do need the bell and my poor camera is my target.  Having sit on my camera for a few years it deserves to be used – Explore! Winnipeg 2015.










11/100 happy weeks – Goodbye 2014

Over the years New Year’s has come and gone without any hesitation.  Entering into 2014 was the first time I had actually been looking forward to leaving a year behind. I find myself feeling the same way about entering 2015, it makes me laugh and wonder how a year I was so excited to jump into I am just as happy to leave?

Winnipeg has welcomed me during the past 11 weeks and I am looking forward to what it has to bring. Although I was sad to have missed the first real snowfall in the city (the one where it sticks to the streets and sidewalks) walking around by myself in the financial district and passing by The Bay windows on Queen St., I am looking forward to finding that same special feeling here in Winnipeg.

Here’s a snapshot of the last few months.

Winnipeg so far