We made it! Week one back to work is over.

How did my baby go from completely helpless to ‘miss thang’ in 13 months?  This is insane.  In one week I am already back on a schedule and in a routine – ugh!  The only thing that got me through the first week (without crying) was knowing that my first day back was a Tuesday, and on Tuesday mornings at the office they bring in breakfast pastries such as cinnamon buns, muffins…danishes – delish!

So does it come as a surprise then that anytime Charlotte cries the one thing that will make her stop is food?  I have no idea where she gets that from…?

The two weeks before back to work were bitter sweet.  All I wanted to do was duct tape her to my body so she couldn’t leave me but as we know, someone might call child services so … I only did it for half a day.

Kidding.  maybe.

But seriously, a day didn’t pass that I wasn’t pulling back tears.  I knew that this would be good for both of us I just wasn’t willing to admit it.  Through the tears and duct tape  though, there were days I just wanted to get up, put on a suit and tackle some problems without having to wash dishes and the floor for the umpteenth time that day.  I wanted someone else to handle it along with the diaper changes and the tantrums.

Thankfully, daycare has been good for for the both of us.  A regular dose of other little humans for her and big ones for me, someone else giving (us) instruction and time away from each other, long enough to be excited to see each other.


(Getting ready for our 3rd day of daycare)

After one week, she is still happy to go and excited to see me at the end of the day – I couldn’t be happier.  The tears are a little less and work has (guiltfully – is this a word?) been amazing.


49/100 happy weeks – She’s Here!


Miss C

I’m back… as a Mommy!

How did this happen?  Well, I think we know “how” but where did the time go?  I can’t believe 9 months, 2 days and 11.5 hours have passed already.  Actually, I don’t even remember being pregnant, it’s weird I know, but the arrival of this little girl has overridden anything else I have been through – even labour, almost;  this does not however open up the “so you ready for the next one?” conversation.  Just yet.

As a new mom, I (fortunately) only know how to function with help.  How you ask?  Well, I can assure you it’s not paid help.  From day one we have had visitors and when they leave there has been very little time before the next one’s are are through the door (sometimes overlapping) that there have been very few days we have had to actually survive on our own.  And as first time parents the “big adjustment” to life is yet to set upon us.

To give you an idea, since Miss C graced us with her presence, “just the three of us” has in all actuality been “just the 3 + X of us”. In the the last seven weeks we have been “surrounded”, lol, for five of them.  Needless to say, life is less challenging when you’re trying to pump, clean bottles, do laundry and shower to name a few. However, I do know the day will come when it all ends and the frequency of our visitors will slow and I will be stuck in the middle of a Manitoba winter, all alone. Or, maybe not?  Is it possible to out-stay your welcome with the great-grandparents in sunny Florida? E can visit on the weekends, right Dad?

What also comes with all our visitors and travel is the possible idea that we must somehow be breaking world records with how many times a newborn has visited one place.  Miss C has seen the Winnipeg airport more times in 7 weeks then is probably considered normal for someone her age.   If I count correctly (which has not been working out for me lately, baby brain, thank-you) a total of 8 visits, and it’s not over yet as Aunt Lindsay has just confirmed her arrival in a few weeks.  And, if grandma doesn’t stop crying every time she sees a picture of her (which is daily) I know I will be seeing her again or will be receiving a planned travel itinerary in my inbox.

After a long night, I look forward to giving up the reins to hubs for the weekend!

Ciao ciao,

Kiki & Miss C