2/100 happy weeks – Almost like home

You don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone.

We took for granted the time we had with Amanda’s car, after returning it to her it was apparent our need was more of a sick dependency.  As we sat there looking at each other in wonderment that our free-wheeling days around Winnipeg were now over, we had to take action.  First thing Monday morning Eraj took the bus to work and I hopped in a cab to buy a car…

In comparison to our first week,the dealership I went to is the first time I felt I wasn’t getting greased (either that or they were really good at it) called Car Vista.  The sales people in the previous week were living up to the “used car salesman” name, and I was having nothing to do with it.  The vehicle we saw online was near new and near perfect in person with original warranty still on it.  Sold.  With a good car (actually Jeep/truck/SUV – not sure what you call it), low clicks and of course a compliment or two on my excellent driving abilities (manual transmission I must add), I was ready to go.  Perhaps one of the most seamless transitions so far.

Current tally: 4/5

To my surprise, my new life as a TH had a calendar that was filling up quite quickly.  In between blogging and building my network during the week we had company coming over on Friday, a gala to go to on Saturday and dinner plans on Sunday.  As you can imagine, I had a lot of shopping to do!  A new dress, shoes, nails, hair….. oh ya, and a menu and groceries for Friday night.   By Thursday when Eraj asked me if I have gone to the MPI yet (oh yes they called me, and I have to bring back in my passport and marriage certificate as the signatures don’t match…. no kidding) I told him I would try.

Friday night was a blast, with 3 bottles of wine polished off, fudge brownies and an overnight guest, it felt like home.

With E’s new schedule Saturday mornings are a little different now – he has them off.  Our schedule before allowed us to have Saturday nights and Sunday’s together – what a perfect schedule, both getting our “me” time.  Now, as a TH I am actually appreciating having some company around the house and someone to explore this new city with.  Mind you, this is only the first weekend and my current job is only temporary.  Let’s talk in a couple months.

Like most things we do it revolves around food and spirits, particularly wine. For those of you who are familiar with Pusateri’s  in Toronto Winnipeg has DeLuca’s.  With a restaurant upstairs serving homemade deliciousness (3 different types of pasta on one plate and licensed… i’m not lying) and groceries downstairs it makes for a good afternoon and great way to check off the grocery list. There are  still so many great neighbourhoods for us to explore, yet leaving there only made us want to go back.   We will be back DeLuca’s, we will be back!

In the evening, we attended the Bow Wow Ball supporting the Winnipeg Humane Society which was themed “Moulin Woof”.  With a live band, can can dancers, silent and live auctions and dancing it was a great night.  With one exception however, being a TH means that your bidding abilities for high price items at live auctions is drastically reduced.   All I hear is “Next year you can bid on it, then we can go see the Polar Bears“.  Sigh.

Finally, our week wraps up with dinner at 295 York, where Culinary Team Canada is practicing their trials on us for the upcoming World Cup in Luxembourg.  If they made a mistake, we surely didn’t notice.  Great dinner, wine and new friends.

In our efforts to slow down life a notch we are definitely not off to a good start – but wouldn’t give it up either!



1/100 happy weeks – GoodBye Ontario

Woohoo, we made it through the first week!  You know you were meant to be with that one person when even after almost 2 months  of not seeing each other you fall into a routine within 24 hours and arguments start within 48 hours – feels like home already.

With a teary goodbye at airport security, both families  are sending me off.  The line is short, phew.  With about 10 people in front of me this should go by quickly.  I turn around to see if they are still there  and they are all waving me off, this was great – this must be how celebrities feel…   15 minutes later and at 2 minute turn intervals I am still not at the door.  I feel sorry for the people behind me who don’t have anyone waving to them, but it doesn’t stop me.   At about the upteenth time, I finally get through the door and turn around for one final send off.  I made it, without completely losing all my dignity.

As I arrived at the airport E welcomed me at the bottom of the escalator waiting on the “HUG RUG”.  The flight had a lot of turbulence which was a bit more than i’m used, the saving grace was that the cart was able to pass by so I could get a glass of wine and Pringles, and without earphones I watched “An American in Paris”.  Reality… nah.   Thanks to Amanda, E was able to pick me up from the airport with some wheels to hull my 2 at-capacity-pieces-of-luggage and one really heavy carry-on.

A lovely, hilarious and trusting (I have to highlight the trusting part, as Amanda had no idea that I (all at no fault) had replaced a fender, tire, windshield and fixed a dent in two cars over 8 months.  Oh, and had not driven manual in about 2 years – just like riding a bike, right?) colleague of E’s, lent us her car during my first week here to get settled in.

The car was a lifesaver, we had a full list of things to do that would make us official ‘Manitobans’ by the end of the week; update bank accounts and passports, get Manitoba driver licenses and health cards, buy a car, and the big one….. CHANGE MY NAME!

Day 1, get all of the above done in one day.    Success rate, zero.

Unfortunately, the order we chose to get things done that day was completely backwards AND apparently just telling them you’re married doesn’t work either, you actually need a marriage certificate to change your name.  In the first place,  who volunteers to change their 7-letter last name to 12-letters and doesn’t believe them?  Either way we were back at it on day two.  Without all the boring details, in case you decide to move to Manitoba just know it is easier to get health insurance, renew your passport, change your banking information (Jeffery our banking rep was awesome as he let E, Amanda and I have a catch up session in his office) than it is to get your drivers license! More than our marriage certificate, really?!?

End of week tally… 3/5.



The Adventure Begins

Well folks, the time has arrived, I am bringing this one-hit-wonder back to life!

And on a more exciting note…..E is an Executive Chef!  We have always wanted to travel and knew that his job would give us the opportunity to do so.  Our plan of escaping North America to blue waters and luscious sand has always been a dream for us…. oh yes, and still is.  When we talked about seeing the world the Canadian prairies weren’t at the top of our list – were they on the list?

Life is full of curve balls and we have to take the good with the bad (or at least not optimal), so here we are.  Our plans of  sun and sand have been replaced with a province that experienced their coldest winter in 116 years.  Putting that into relatable terms, you can’t.  Let’s try…the deep freeze was as cold as an uninhabited planet…yep, still no.  Or how about it having (said to have) the windiest corner in Canada…. definitely not the trade winds I was looking for.  Those muggy days, 27 degrees with 80% humidity in the city, i’m in heaven – going to miss your poor air quality and smog alerts Toronto.

Although it doesn’t have all the redeeming qualities we were hoping for (365 days of swimsuits) I am looking forward to our adventures in a colder, smaller, albeit friendlier province next door.  Shutting one door and opening another.

Winnipeg, I am home.