50/100 happy weeks – Celebrating 50 Weeks

Although I did not get to writing 50 posts I am still going to celebrate that I am still actively blogging after 50 weeks… to be honest I didn’t know if this would stick, but I love writing so the train will keep on moving!  Also, today is my official 1-year in Winnipeg …. a blog and a baby, lol, what a year! Continue reading

49/100 happy weeks – She’s Here!


Miss C

I’m back… as a Mommy!

How did this happen?  Well, I think we know “how” but where did the time go?  I can’t believe 9 months, 2 days and 11.5 hours have passed already.  Actually, I don’t even remember being pregnant, it’s weird I know, but the arrival of this little girl has overridden anything else I have been through – even labour, almost;  this does not however open up the “so you ready for the next one?” conversation.  Just yet.

As a new mom, I (fortunately) only know how to function with help.  How you ask?  Well, I can assure you it’s not paid help.  From day one we have had visitors and when they leave there has been very little time before the next one’s are are through the door (sometimes overlapping) that there have been very few days we have had to actually survive on our own.  And as first time parents the “big adjustment” to life is yet to set upon us.

To give you an idea, since Miss C graced us with her presence, “just the three of us” has in all actuality been “just the 3 + X of us”. In the the last seven weeks we have been “surrounded”, lol, for five of them.  Needless to say, life is less challenging when you’re trying to pump, clean bottles, do laundry and shower to name a few. However, I do know the day will come when it all ends and the frequency of our visitors will slow and I will be stuck in the middle of a Manitoba winter, all alone. Or, maybe not?  Is it possible to out-stay your welcome with the great-grandparents in sunny Florida? E can visit on the weekends, right Dad?

What also comes with all our visitors and travel is the possible idea that we must somehow be breaking world records with how many times a newborn has visited one place.  Miss C has seen the Winnipeg airport more times in 7 weeks then is probably considered normal for someone her age.   If I count correctly (which has not been working out for me lately, baby brain, thank-you) a total of 8 visits, and it’s not over yet as Aunt Lindsay has just confirmed her arrival in a few weeks.  And, if grandma doesn’t stop crying every time she sees a picture of her (which is daily) I know I will be seeing her again or will be receiving a planned travel itinerary in my inbox.

After a long night, I look forward to giving up the reins to hubs for the weekend!

Ciao ciao,

Kiki & Miss C














37/100 happy weeks – Last Staycation

We have success!  I am happily reporting to you from the Fairmont, enjoying my last staycation before little miss j comes along.  The recency of this post is also attributed to a second cancellation of our maternity photos.  Instead of letting the magic hands of Flo at MAC do her work I am chillaxin’ sans make-up by the pool  on the 21st floor with a view of the city; covered in Saskatchewan smoke and leftover dismal grey skies from the thunderstorm last night.  Rainy days are the best.  The depleted air quality… well it brings back memories of city life.

I will be officially enjoying my “last weeks” now and not taking any of it for granted as last week my brother and his wife welcomed baby Zachary into the world!   He is the most precious little man I have ever seen and I can’t wait to get my hands on him in September! In a short period of time he has already grown so much I can’t imagine what he is going to look like in a few months.  I also can’t wait for him to meet his new and younger (this will be beneficial when she’s older) cousin.  If my little man Zach is anything like his father, she will be well taken care of when they are old enough to gallavant,  libation in hand with each other – doing things they think we don’t know about.  Haha.

With 5 weeks left to go, I am getting anxious to meet her too – hopefully the ultrasounds were right or else there will be a boy with a lot of pink clothes strolling around Manitoba.

If you asked E or I last week how ready we were… “ummmm” would of been our response.  And if you asked us what we did every weekend, the girls at WKC and BRU would be able to vouch for us, what we do and buy when were there is another mystery.  As six weeks quickly widdled down to five this week, and as I stared at a laundry basket full of clean baby clothes and one full of to-be-washed, I needed to make a plan.  I am not going to apologize for this, ironing (I know this will be the first and last time I do this) of all her stuff.  I made my way through half, the other half awaits me; I can feel my staycation slowly coming to an end.

Sterilization of bottles also sent me into panic mode, recently.  How?  How often? Even plastic bottles?  I have since watched countless YouTube videos and annoyed enough people at BRU as well as my online mommies to figure out what I am going to do.  I have made the decision to “kick-it old school” – boil water in a pot.  No microwave kit, no counter steam kit just good ol’ water.  The pot is Al-Clad…I think that ups the “old school” factor and brings some level of modernity to it…?  Now, the act of sterilization. Ugh.

And finally this week we managed to pick-up the last few, mandatory, items – a diaper genie, bassinet and other stuff… you know, the important stuff, that I probably should be remembering.  Needless to say, I just have to pack my hospital bag, the baby’s hospital bag and as all the books say my “birthing partner’s” bag as well and she will be able to come anytime – wrinkly clothes and all!

Nursery updates coming soon!

Kiki xoxo