About Me

Hello, I am a lover of all things food, a bad cooker and I am the wife of a chef.  I crave DIY projects, baking, interior decorating and now, anything baby! I’m Rachel… or Kiki, whichever you prefer!

As time has a tendency to do, whiz by in the blink of an eye, what seemed overnight was a couple of years and we were finding ourselves packing up and moving provinces.

Isn’t it always when you’re not looking that life takes you by surprise?

With this move has come many great adventures such as the launch of Stories of a Chefs Wife and 100 Happy Weeks.  But the best surprise, adventure… whatever you want to call it was our baby girl, Charlotte.  I think the above should read,

“Isn’t it always better when you’re not looking and life takes you by surprise?”.

I think so.

I will try anything once, so I ask the same from you, come along and join me on my journey as I Mommy my way through, as the chef’s wife!



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