New City, New life & Hotel Living

Without realizing it, I couldn’t move forward in my new Calgary life until I wrapped-up all loose ends tied to Winnipeg.  I had multiple posts started, thinking how cool live updates would be, but all I could do was make sure I tied up Winnipeg in the pretty bow that it  deserves; just a couple days ago I finished up my blog post about our favourite places to explore in Winnipeg and our Winnipeg family scrapbook – 71 pages of memories I can’t wait to see in print.  Arriving very soon!

With sad goodbye’s now over, it’s now time to …. ride a horse, save a cowboy?

About a month ago, I posted when we first began this journey, and do you remember that voice, “is it though?”.  The one Chef thought he would be soo right on…. well, here is my response to you hunny-bun,

“Yes. Yes, it is.  It so, is.”

To describe this experience, is to imagine yourself in your favourite hotel soaking in all your favourite indulgences. For my high-maintenance self (apparently) it includes room service, a pool, sauna, hot tub, living downtown, having people around that are happy to see you (I know they have to, even with toddler screeches, you wouldn’t know it if they didn’t), and let’s be honest my lovely daughter is not always happy to see me.  Did I mention no cleaning?  So everything.

Being equipped with the comforts of home like a full blown kitchen, I can’t even complain about food.  Yes, living off one menu can be redundant and although the food is good, it’s not chef’s food, yet.  And the view, looking right out to the Calgary Tower…

I have a hard time deciding if I have a favourite part of hotel living.  It’s the little things, like not being hungry for dinner until 10pm and being able to order breakfast and dessert at the same time, in the middle of The Bachelor, and not miss a beat!  It was being called Mrs. Chef (this made me smile), and being able to just wheel the tray out and no dishes to-do.

My absolute favourite, favourite part though to be honest, is the pool and sauna.  Being able to walk away at night from the chaos of a toddler and head down for a steam that leads to a cool down and some laps in the pool, and to be able to cap it off with a hot tub, is my idea of warm milk before bed.


C’s midday swim and hot tub, give her the same feeling, too.

So is it everything I imagined it to be? Now that I have lived my dream (pinch me still), I can answer: Is wine part of my daily fruit intake?

Downtown living is amazing.  Cowboys in suits,  suits driving pick-up trucks … Calgary you’re seriously blowing my mind right now.

Lot’s more to come on hotel living, a-la chefs wife!



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