Hotel living, TH style


I didn’t have a hot clue of what I was doing the first time around.  I closed my eyes, quit my job and followed my husband like a flighty teenager.   It makes me laugh I could have been that excited to move to the prairies – change was obviously needed.

And change came… I was pregnant in the Prairies, immediately.  I didn’t have my baby in the middle of a field but I did live in suburbia for the first time in 15 years.   That was enough for this mama.

So here we are, doing it all over agin,  but better.  So much better.  My pied-a-terre for the month – hotel living downtown!  Whaaat, I know!!!  We’re in an actual city.  With a Holt Renfrew.   Full Stop.

So I get to live downtown in a city with shopping, a cleaning lady, don’t laugh – no cooking (even though I have a full blown kitchen – to re-heat leftovers of course), a pool, sauna, hot tub… spa services.  Pinch me!

I haven’t forgotten.  I also get to spend all day with my adorable, moody, going through a hitting phase, just another version of me, toddler.  yay.  Which is why I tell E these services are so very necessary.

I don’t know where my love affair with hotels started, but it was around the time I moved to the big smoke.  Being able to actually live in one, a-dream.  And even better, as a TH.

Of course coming from my husband,”Is it though?”.  He is convinced I am going to want out sooner than later.  I told him he’s out of his mind.  Time will tell.

Oh yeah, TH for those not familiar…Temporary Housewife, and she is back!  I’ve totally got this figured out now.  Like I said before, didn’t have a hot clue the first time.

Bigger, better, more tired, more responsibilities and wanting more of all of it.   No longer a D.I.N.K from the city moving to the prairies but a prairies mama moving to the mountains!

Ok Calgary, you may not be the mountains exactly, but you’re my city now.

Almost a week in and the best part this time around?  We all moved together!  Last time hubby went ahead and I was left packing. EVERYTHING.

I know it’s still early but I might have to be dragged out kicking and screaming.  More to come on this dream adventure!








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