In the blink of an eye


Do you ever get something in your eye and wonder, how did that happen?  Well I am kind of wondering the same thing about the past 2.5 years.  Literally, to the month it has been 2.5 years since we made our first move away from home AND now we are off again.  In the blink of an eye.

This move conjures up an old memory of mine from my, um, early twenties (totally cringeworthy)  where I cancelled a week in Florida for a roadtrip to the mountains with my girlfriends.  It began with me crying over the phone to the airline that I didn’t mean to book my flight and I really needed to cancel (they did, no penalty 😉 ) then calling my mom to tell her and her crying that we were driving across Canada, in the middle of winter.

Without dating myself completely, a husband and toddler later, I am going to be reliving those Calgary days, albeit in a certainly different manner.   So many memories circling my brain right now…and wondering, did we even take pictures back then?  Were they digital?  Oh god…

Today, documenting every single second of life, you can be assured there will not be a moment missed.  Starting here.

So what happens now?  We shake the comfort off our sleeve and begin to feel the excitement and nervousness of the unknown, again.  What we have come to learn, is if you embrace that wonderful world of the unknown, it’s a pretty amazing adventure.

K. xoxo

(Image: Pixaby)

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