Decorate your baby’s room in 5 simple steps – We did!

It still feels like yesterday, Chef and I spending our weekends in fabric stores, kids stores, stopping at every cute little thing we saw and picturing what it would be like to have a baby at home with us.

Little did we know they don’t stay babies for long and as we’re approaching the one year mark we know we did the right thing when it came to her room.  I am still as ecstatic about C’s room as I was when we were first planning it!  Eeeek, I love it so much!

kate hud

(I really do get this excited)

Since moving two years ago we have not yet settled permanently into our forever home.  So making sure her room could easily work anywhere with little to no effort, was important to us, especially because we want her to grow with it.

Chef has a BIG personality and naturally, he is drawn to anything that garner’s attention such as bright colours and bold patterns.  And if he’s doing it, everyone else should be too.   All in good taste, of course.  Fun fact about him: he will  not wear black socks! The only reason he has one, or two pair is because of me.


He made sure every man in his wedding party and family member had socks (even great grandpa) to  wear on our big day.  What a guy, what a party.  

Myself on the other hand have a sea full of black in my closet.   I don’t mind colour, and as time passes I am slowly putting one bright binge purchase in my closet at a time, making those grey, blue, white and black pieces less and less dreadful.  So you can say I more than surprised myself during this process when I found I was attracted to colours and patterns so out of my element.  Could I have been in-tune with C already?

One thing about us is that we know what we like and don’t like.  Even if we don’t agree, we move on.  What made it (somewhat) of a challenge was the vested interest both of us took in putting her room together, but to our amazement it went smooth enough.

Our plan started with opting-out of cutesy animal prints and soft palettes.  End of plan. Making this less of a nursery, it won’t appeal to everyone, but as (we) thought it has become a very good reflection of C’s personality, almost from the start.

c ultrasound

I know she looks peaceful here, it’s a lie, all a lie! Jk… kinda.

If I can offer a piece of advice, START EARLY.  We began planning her room the first weekend after the gender reveal, at 17 weeks.  Knowing we had time, allowed us to not rush our decision-making and determine the right order to get things done.


I really need to start-off by broaching the subject of crib bedding.  “LIKE REALLY?” Seriously, how does such a small human-being require so much fabric?  Now,  as a new parent try and answer this question: how often do you lower the crib?  Take your height times your husbands divide by two… Let’s be honest, if you’re child is going to be a giant (like ours) then that mattress will be on the floor before you know it.  Six months to be exact – minus the months baby is in your room in a bassinet.  Bye-bye ruffles.

Don’t even get me started on the bumper pad debate!

But here’s the kicker, it is a big part of the room.  Add a throw pillow and comforter (to snuggle your babe with in the middle of the night) and voila, it’s a major part of the room.

We knew the minute we saw it – it was an immediate YES for both of us.  Even as weeks passed we would go back to it to make sure and each time we fell in love with it all over again.

bliss bouquet


(Credit for the actual construction of her bedding goes to someone much more special, I’ll tell you who in just a little bit).  Designed by Amy Butler.

And if you’re dying to know… no ruffles.  Or bumper pads.


What’s bedding without a rug, right? (insert “haha” here) The moment was surreal, there it was hanging in front of us and we knew immediately that we found it!


The black not only looked great against the floral it also grounded it; the perfect compliment to one another.  And because of the size of the room it encompassed the whole floor area.

I’ve also noticed we’re not the only parents who thought this rug was a great idea for a kiddo’s room.  It has been showing up everywhere via Facebook and Instagram feeds.


Next came the furniture purchase and this can overwhelm you just as much as bedding can. Depending on the type of shop you go into you can seriously get caught up and easily go crazy mentally and monetarily. What we didn’t know existed (and became a no-brainer moment for us) were convertible cribs.

It’s starts as a crib (obviously) and grows with your child into a double bed.  For us it made complete sense.  However, trying not to get caught up in all of the hype, we lucked out and found a very lovely family who was looking to upgrade their beautiful Natart set they had purchased for their daughter less than two years earlier.  We couldn’t turn the opportunity down.


This is how the Bella Collection (in linen) would look like in a nursery… and as C BANGS her rattles against the rails of her crib (at this very moment) this picture, honestly, does not reflect her personality. But, the furniture does.  Beautiful on the outside and hard as wood inside.  She is  our very own version of “Miss Independent” or “I don’t need no scrubs” – quite clearly I am dating myself.


Some people might think the furniture should come first.  What we found was that our tastes came through in every decision and in the end it all came together.

So now with bedding, flooring and furniture covered there are just a few items left to bring the room together; wall art, chair and little somethings I have purchased along the way.

Wall Art

If we were going to give C the world at her fingertips then we were going to have to get ours moving.


This gold glitter world (found on Etsy) was unfortunately just an e-file we could purchase and print ourselves … no real glitter.  We quickly figured out what it would be like to do our kids school projects for them.   Glittering our way through this, ‘Martha Stewart style’, over a weekend.

And you know what?  It looks A-MAZING!  (We used an Ikea frame, a print shop, and Martha Stewart gold glitter from Michaels). Especially with the rug.

Chair and Lighting   

The final few (big) pieces to the room include a grey with white piping rocking/swivel recliner and a floor lamp (Ikea).


FullSizeRender-1 copy

It now comes with a gold base (ugh).

Little somethings…

And finally we add the fun little accents, Pierre our french bull dog – not shown for security purposes (hehe) who sits in front of her door, a crystal jewelled letter C, sheer pink curtains and a beautiful teal and gold 3 prong hook given to her by her Zia Lindsay.


window and hook

FullSizeRender copy

And I didn’t forget,  “les pièces de resistance” are her custom sheets, comforter and pillow which were lovingly made for her by her Grandma J.

Chef and I have the same vision when it comes to interior design, which would explain the almost nil tête-à-tête during this process.  Fashion on the other hand is a whole different ballgame and one you will rarely, if ever hear me talk about.

Happy decorating!




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