77/100 happy weeks: Taking a global approach to food introduction

C has been on the verge of crawling for weeks!  She started with rocking on her hands and knees back and forth then side to side lending itself to naturally opening up her chakra’s which then translated into a series of yoga poses – downward dog, low plank, seated forward bend, crocodile, lion pose…

What?  Do I have a little yogini on my hands or is this normal?  Can you believe it, normal.  I might of pulled a few muscles if I tried what she conquered.

Needless to say, as of three weeks ago she decided it was time.  I don’t know who told her the tortoise wins the race but apparently she believes it.  Unless she is really excited to see you or trick her she just sits and looks at you.

Fast forward another three weeks and it’s a whole new ball game.


As you can see above she is doing her classic one-handed move ‘sans couch support’.  Faster than she figured out how to crawl (way faster) she figured out how to stand herself up.  Now she spends her days walking the inside of the sectional.  Even scarier is her trying to stand without any support.  Help me please if she starts walking before I’m ready.


As for food… she eats anything and everything.  Seriously.  She is reaching for her mum mum not her soother.

She likes tart, she likes sweet, she likes salty… she’s a carnivore, herbivore and everything else in between.  As we began documenting our food journey with her it started to become too hard to keep up with.  You name it she’s eaten it.  And liked it.

We were very lucky that our approach and thought process surrounding the introduction of food was very much aligned with our pediatrician.  He actually broke the ice with us by providing a global perspective in our food conversation by asking us what food and spices we thought babies around the world were being introduced to.  It immediately hit home with us.  With the exception of honey, we were good to go.

Naturally, we questioned foods along the way but we always brought it back to our conversation with Dr. S.  As it stands, she eats (gums to death) all food in whole form. We just break it down into C size pieces.  For us, taking a “Global Approach” to food introduction has worked well making her our little ‘baby foodie’.


But just one crinkle of that Baby Mum-Mum’s package and you would think she’s getting ice cream for breakfast.  What a kid.

K.  xo


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