Is the relationship with your baby’s headband really over?

I take complete pride in making sure my baby girl has a headband she can tote for every outfit.  Sparkly, dainty, soft, big, small… animal print.  You get it.  But never did I anticipate the rate at which her head was going to grow.  Seriously?

Now, I don’t base my career on it but every once in a while I like to take on creative projects. When your days are filled with diaper changes, feeding, laundry, and dishes it’s nice to break away and feel like you’re accomplishing something.   Even if it doesn’t look like that Pinterest picture you’ve posted, who cares – YOU did it!

So, how do you “really know” the relationship with your baby’s headband is over ?  (Come on, we all know, but how far is too far… where do you draw the line?)  

We all remember it and it’s ingrained in our memory forever, that indented ring around your baby’s head for the first time.  Initially, you feel bad, really bad.  How can you let this happen, a mother is supposed to notice these things… until, until you realize your arsenal is depleting so quickly you start to get a little desperate; you know it’s probably cutting off some general function they are trying to perform but it can’t hurt to wear it just once more… can it?

And there’s always “that one” in the lot of them – your go-to that gets all the attention, makes you forget about the dirty outfit and has fit perfect from day one.  You don’t know how, it just has.  And when that one goes… you know it’s really over.

So naturally during my last bout of insomnia (which I didn’t think existed post pregnancy – it does and it’s real) I thought, why not make C some headbands.  I also thought, “I don’t have a sewing machine, but (who cares) I have a glue gun!”  And anyone with a glue gun knows, you can pretty much accomplish anything.


Mommy confession:  Sometimes, I just can’t let go and if we are going somewhere for just a short while I will put it on her head just before we get there and take it off as soon as we get back in the car (and massage the indent out).  shhh….

After scouring Pinterest and binge watching YouTube videos I made my own plan (no sewing machine needed).  Adjustable one’s.  One’s that matched her clothes.   One’s that didn’t look like they came off the Carter conveyor belt.  A little more sophistication and a lot more longevity.  I have the time and she’ll appreciate them…. ha!  It’s amazing what you’ll tell yourself on no sleep.

Now, for the fun part:

What you need (pictures below):

  • flowers
  • elastic bands
  • trinkets/beads
  • hair clips
  • glue gun and sticks
  • needle and thread

Pocket Saver: save some moola by purchasing jewellery on sale (clearance is even better), cut the elastic/string and use the beads etc from it!






To create the flower your first step is to remove all the individual pieces (like when a chef creates a deconstructed dish) then put the pieces back together as you would like. (Make your flowers first then adhere the hair clip to the completed flower)  The idea is not to duplicate, think more haute couture.

flower disected

To make the band (you can purchase custom lengths at any fabric store), take the elastic that you have and measure around baby’s head.  Take 2 inches from the end and tack with your needle and thread.  Place the tacked end under the flower.

You can make the flower permanent or interchangeable.


Permanent: glue flower onto headband placing a felt piece between the flower and baby’s head.




Interchangeable: cut a two inch piece of felt (or accordingly to size of elastic band).  Tack the bottom to the band with your needle and thread and bring the piece of felt over the top to create a space for the hair clip to fit through.  Tack the end of the top piece of felt so that the clip stays in place.  Ensure it is snug so the flower does not move around.


And when you’re all done… your daughter will no longer tolerate anything on her head. Zero, zip, nada, none…. yep, and you will be tempted when she’s sleeping to put them on, just one more picture, please.

K.  xo

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