Easter Egg Centrepiece


I know what you’re thinking, a little late aren’t you?

Last year, at 4.5 months pregnant and not being able to have a drink or stay up past 8pm I found myself looking for ‘family friendly’ activities to do on weekends (yay).  As we were not heading home for Easter I planned an afternoon where we could start to create our own family traditions.  Ceramic easter eggs.

Fast forward a year and you could say this project is actually early, its debut shouldn’t be until Easter 2017, at which point there would be no work involved except to pull it out of storage and place it on the table.  If you’re like me, an impulse crafter, then you will understand.

As I pulled out our somewhat coordinated “creations” I had no where to display them,  so the search was on!  Now to blow your mind… I finished this project in February.  Whaat!  I know.  If you’re sitting a bit confused as to why you’re reading this now it’s the same reason C doesn’t have a fixed nap time.  We’re not nine to fiver’s and probably never will be.  Things come up, we respond, regardless of what is happening at home or in life, our life revolves around, well, life.

Which means our family trip south became a Mommy and C trip.   Which was then extended as hubs would be attending a week long work conference bringing our girls trip to Ontario. Then, wouldn’t you know it, it was Easter and C and I were staying put and Chef had to spend it alone.  Three weeks later and tada, finally back!

Now for what you have been waiting for, here is how I created my first table centrepiece (2 years in the making).

What you will need:


Bamboo skewers.  They have green in them which hides the skewer perfectly in the grass.



greenery_easteregg_projectPotted grass (this is artificial) which can be found at Home Sense. Make sure it has a foam base for the skewers to push through.  (I do not have a green thumb to use real grass)


eggs_easteregg_project Ceramic eggs.  We created ours at Crock A Doodle.  After you have painted them they take about a week for them to cure and be ready.

There are holes at the bottom of the ceramic eggs which make them easy to decorate as well as big enough for the skewer to fit.  I would suggest odd numbers (I squeezed the sixth one in for the picture but took it out afterwards) it is much easier to organize and looks neater.

And there you have it, the beginning of a new tradition.  And like any good family you may miss a year or two… When C is older.

Happy (belated) Easter!




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