74/100 Happy Weeks – Purées are so passe

It’s official,  she’s a baby foodie.

So much so that purées are sooo passe, sooo last week, and so not in her vocabulary since about two weeks after starting them.  (A little secret, between you and me, she still enjoys formula on the side, but shhh, I didn’t tell you that.)

What’s next when you don’t have teeth and purées just aren’t your thing?  I have the answer, and after our five month ground beef scare I needed something that would help calm my nerves.  I owe sincere gratitude to Baby Mum-Mum’s.

baby mum mum_Fotor


Veggie is Charlotte’s favourite.  What a kid.


Forget the baby’s confidence, it’s the parents who need all the help they can get… am I right?  First Aid/CPR course or not it’s a scary thing going from pure liquid to actual food for us, and I am talking as a first time mom (FTM).   How do they know what chewing is, how to swallow, how to do both?  They do.  Already they know more than us.

So, how do you trust the mum-mums?  If you haven’t gone there yet, oh and you will, the first thing you will do is eat one yourself.  As yummy as rice rusk is you do it.  Once you realize the dissolve rate you can’t wait to see how baby handles them.  Trust me.  Mum-mums were the catalyst to our foodie baby.

Although I can’t promise you a baby foodie I can promise you they will be everywhere. EVERYWHERE.  Stuck in places you didn’t even think it came in contact with.  Oh yes, there will be mum-mums in the diaper, stuck to you pj’s (which you will not notice till the next day, week…. or the wash),  in toys.  You name it, it sticks to it, you will find it – one day.  I purposely think she hides them in places to snack on later.  She gets hangry like her mama.

Good luck.

char mum mum_Fotor

Yes, that is a mum-mum she is reaching for…

Next on the agenda… what a baby foodie looks like, as a chef’s kid!



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