68/100 happy weeks: Purees

Baby Chef


The next big milestone in our world is real food.   As a new mama I learned very quickly that it’s not as simple as one had thought it to be.  Guidelines?  What are those and who do you ask?  The ol’ schooler’s would say cereal, Canada’s Food Guidelines say protein first.  What I have come to learn is to take a ‘global’ approach.

One of the decisions at this milestone is whether you will feed your little one pre-made or homemade food.  As I’m sure you guessed, it was a unanimous result in our household; homemade food it is for this sweet, already conniving, little girl.

There are many reasons why parents decide on one side of the coin or the other.  For us, it was mainly a few things: the foods she would eat were already part of our grocery list, she would be tasting the real flavour of the food and preparation consists of boiling, pureeing and freezing.  For us at least, it was a no brainer. Frozen Puree


For those of you that are thinking, well of course they are making their own food (in a sarcastic and possibly passive aggressive way, lol) let me assure you that we probably share similar hectic lives which means when your kid needs to be fed, you feed.  Pre-made, homemade… whatever will work.  Right now sitting in the diaper bag is a free jar of peas from that Ikea gives out when you buy a meal.

So, how did the puree’s turn out?



First, let’s talk tools.  Not only have I been bombarded by my husband it seems all mama’s who are making their own food swear by the Vitamix.  Now I’m not disagreeing, but I have already on the shelf, my food processor by KitchenAid; which, by the way, makes delicious hummus.  To which point E would argue the resulted purees, here’s the breakdown….

I have to admit, the pureed cauliflower smelled awful.  I mean really awful.  So bad that if I were her I wouldn’t eat it.  It crossed my mind to throw it out but as any (good, new… I don’t think it matters) mama would do, I kept it to find out real time how this was going to go down.  I can only imagine this is how it went down in her head:

Bite 1: Good

Bite 2: Not bad at all.

Bite 3: I like this utensil thing.

Bite 4: Hey, you tricked me, what is this Sh*T!  (you would think she ate a lemon!)
As for the beets, they did not puree into the same smooth and creamy consistency that the putrid cauliflower had but going for it was the soft scent of sweetness.   And picturing her looking like Barney at the end of it is an anticipation that’s hard to wait for.




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