65/100 happy weeks: Solid food adventures with Charlotte!

Food is for fun When those words hit the ears of a chef you can almost hear the music start to play.

As obscure foods begin floating around in my husbands head imagining that his child will soon be eating sushi and reservations at Au Pied du Cochon in Montreal for her first birthday are underway, he gets sidelined by the timeline.

We’re only at the four month mark and doc says we have to wait till the sixth… And, only one food per week!?! As sushi and pigs feet are looking further into the distant future, we, as any good parents decided the best thing to do was…. Split the difference!  Yep, that’s right game time is on at the five month mark.  First major parental decision made. Feeling good.

Oh, and Charlotte?  She couldn’t wait either.

As first time parents we are so excited about all the milestones she is starting to hit.  But I can’t help think of birth order and the characteristics that tend to follow.  As we race through excitedly, waiting for the next big one aren’t we phased (well, truth be told, 5 months has hit this mama pretty hard) by the time passing by?  But when the last child comes along will we be dragging our feet because we know this will be the last time we experience those ‘firsts’ as parents?

As we waited for 5 months to come along we secretly tested the waters.  Any surprise?  Basically, the menu consisted of anything that could be eaten by hand, sans utensils.  Mainly fruits such as apples and pears (bartlett and asian).  She even tested the waters on a lovely green puree that sat beneath our frog legs one evening, of course prepared by the chef himself, which she took more than a liking to.  As I decided she had enough tasters of this fine green puree she had decided otherwise.  Sitting in my lap noticing that I was no longer bringing the ‘tasting finger’ toward her she (I do have to admit, her eye hand coordination is quite superb) in the blink of an eye swats my hand toward her mouth.  Yes, SWATS.   As E and I sit there stunned, half laughing, knowing very well this is not “good” behaviour, the next 20 years flash before our eyes.

On the upside, she is taking a liking to ‘people’ food.  Right/Phew?

As a Chefdad and a mama who eats 99.9% of all things food, there is a real fear for us of her not being a natural ‘foodie’.  As our tastebuds accommodate not only the finer pairings in life they also appreciate the everyday. You know, grey poupon vs. yellow mustard, fine dining vs. hole in the wall, they both have a time, place and purpose.   It will be imperative for her to understand that.  If not, then we seriously might have to consider some alternatives… but we won’t go there yet.

(I told you it was real)

Putting all this aside,  Charlotte’s solid food adventures are beginning.  As  we take a look into the world of purees I hope you’re as excited as I am to watch!


Kiki (not in the kitchen)

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