64/100 happy weeks: How to cook with a chef – At home


To live with a chef you have to be strong (crazy).  To be married to a chef you have to be independent (even crazier).  To cook with a chef … you have to be crazy (NUTS).  Or, you know, own your own cooking school, that’s all.

So if i’m not crazy or nuts… what’s a girl got to do when she gets the inspo to be at the helm of a stove?

You go’er alone.

Let’s preface here that some non-chefs really do like cooking.  Clearly i’m not one of them.  These individuals are envisioning plumdrops or gumdrops or something dancing around sprinkling tips and tricks, when cooking with a Chef at home.   This fantasy sounds great and if you want to keep those sugardrops or things dancing away may I suggest not reading any further.  For the rest of you, follow me.

Now, let’s be real.  I will admit that I do learn something each time I cook with my hubby Chef (which does make it easier) but I prefer these learnings to take place after my own trial period.  On the second round.  Remember, Chefs are creative genious’.  They also do this for a living.  They get paid to be creative.  To be organized.  To be efficient.  To be creative.  To be organized.  To be efficient.  One more time…?  Let’s not forget purpose and previous experience and recipes floating around in that brain of theirs.  They see and taste the finish product before we’ve pulled out one ingredient.

As we may not all be creative genious’, we at one point or another in our lives have experienced a bout of it.   And when you have do you remember writing it out and explaining it or just doing it?  And when you did, how organized were you? Most likely, it was the first time and organization was your last thought.  Let’s throw efficiency in too as I’m sure that was at the top of your list.  It was probably more about the process, soaking up the moment of creativity and the freeness it provided you for that period of time more than anything else.  Well, this is how I feel when the desire to cook arises (and I admit it’s few and far between) and as you can see inviting the “help” of a chef for the journey does not seem that um…. inviting.

Where to start?  I always have a dish that I ate as a kid that he doesn’t make the same.  And no matter how vocal I am about it his version never changes so it is up to me to recreate it based on how I remember it tasting. Or sometimes it’s a recipe found online or ripped out of mag, either way, he doesn’t know about it.  And when I do share the info I will hear “that’s not how it’s traditionally made” or “how does your school teach it”.  Haha, I know.  If I had a dollar for the number of arguments we have had defining traditional I would be shopping, not blogging.

Either way, I now have recipe in hand (or online), time alone and the essential 2nd tab in your browser open.  That’s right.  I’m 99.9% sure that Google and YouTube are going to be sought out at some point.  Remember, they really do make it look easier than it seems and lifelines are important.

Guaranteed it will take you 2x as long, it will be slightly under or over seasoned and when you explain how you did it they will give you that tip or trick for next time that will save you mucho time.  But in the end, it was yours, you did it with love and frustration and YouTube and Google.  No one can take it away from you.  The best part…. he knows how you like it made so there is no excuse for him not to make it “your way”.

And as you sit and wait for that next burst of inspo to hit, and it will, enjoy the freedom of not having to worry about cooking and that you have another recipe under your belt for when push comes to shove and you HAVE to make a meal.

Because that’s really why we do it, so when we get asked that infamous question we can say, “yes, yes I do” and have proof to back it up!

Ciao for now,

Kiki in the kitchen xoxo




2 thoughts on “64/100 happy weeks: How to cook with a chef – At home

  1. Lol – cooking for a chef is definitely interesting. My chef/husband is always thankful when I’ve cooked, but we both know it would have been much better if he had cooked. 🙂

    Hope you are all adjusting well to being a family of 3. Like you said in your last post, time does seem to fly by so much faster when you have a little person growing up right before your eyes!! It’s crazy!


    • Thanks for following and agreed, always happy when a meal is prepared but always tastes better when they cook! We are starting to introduce solids so I guess more things to keep us busy with and less time to notice how fast everything is flying by.

      Have a great week!


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