63/100 happy weeks – Happy New Year


If you can believe it we are 3.5 months…. no wait, that’s wrong.

Three and a half months was month and a half ago.  Did you get that? I just officially understood the meaning of time flying by and no time for yourself.  I left this post a month and a half ago and now I sit here staring at that dreaded number on my icalendar, 12.  Miss C is exactly 5 months today.  I was in tears all day yesterday, every time I thought about it.  And as she wakes up from her nap next to me, her talking to herself tugs at the heartstrings just a little harder.  #mommyissues

I can definitely say I have eased into this mommying business (yes, i just verbed it), and even though I miss adult conversation and employee relations issues (I know, I know… but I love them) I wouldn’t be doing anything different than what I am doing right now.

Being on maternity leave with little adult interaction, there is one thing I can vouch for: Mommy Brain.  Fo’ real.  E no longer calls me Kiki he just walks around yelling out ‘squirrel’.  An example of this is when you’re given a free sample of something – you take it, you don’t wait till you’re locked and loaded in the car that is wedged between two typical ‘peg’ drivers,  on the 3rd level of the parkade, avec bebe, to remember you left it on the paediatricians table.  I don’t know when babies start to actually talk, but hopefully it wasn’t yesterday (a month and a half ago) and she’s storing it away for the ‘right time’ …#shouldofstayedhome #squirrelbrain #mommybrain … need I go on?  These are the times you promise yourself you will be more present, slow down and think of one thing at a time.  Unfortunately, you forget that mantra too as soon as your loved one starts wailing because they are hungry, no wait the soother fell out, mmm nope, diaper is wet, oh wait you just don’t want to be in your car seat, I see, I don’t blame you, but you’re stuck in there till we get home.  Tough noogies!

The one thing I do not forget is our weekly mommy and me swimming lessons.  I figured since she loves bath time so much lets get her in a pool.  Success!  However, these swimming lessons came with strings attached.  These strings included a family membership to the gym.  Miss C even has her own membership card, pic and all!

So on top of the day-to-day and swim time I now hit the gym 3x a week – onsite child care (yes!)… I wish I may, I wish I might fit back into my jeans tonight, sigh.  At 5 months I’m still waiting.  Yep, tights and maternity jeans are still my best friend.

But, as we continue to get into our 2016 groove and meet our goals individually and as a family (which do not include baby #2) we are off to great healthy start!

Happy New Year!

P.S.  One of my resolutions is not promising I will write more blog posts.  PROMISE!


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