51/100 happy weeks – Yes Chef


I did it, I started my contribution to dinner time.  Yep, I pulled those sausages from the freezer and sat them on the counter to defrost.  I actually did two things, decided we were having sausages for dinner AND prepped them for Chef E; how do you like them apples?

However, it was the conversation that followed my dinner decision that I did not expect, actually, I think my brain exploded at that very moment.  Now, when it comes to cooking sausages, I can honestly say I really have only had them one way, on the Q (maybe the odd time in a fry pan), so when he proposed this ‘other’ option I nearly died.  Like seriously, I still can’t believe this came out of his mouth, “so i’ll just throw them in the”…. wait for it, “microwave”.  WHAT!?!

Now, if you’ve ever spent any time with us, in or out of the kitchen, you would know that when it comes to my suggestions for cooking his response to me is “Yes Chef” and continues to go on about forgetting that I have a world renowned cooking school, yadda yadda yadda.  Of course, I laugh and say yes and tell him he should have attended. We obviously have two (very different) ways of doing things, however, this culinary decision to use the microwave was not in my repertoire and I really can’t believe it was in his.  Now, I am 99.9% sure he was serious, but I reacted so quickly I think (secretly hope) he was playing with me…. it sounded so legit like it was nothing… like oh yeah, just use the microwave as if we were cooking, um, hot dogs?  Is it the same?  I don’t know anymore.  What I do know is that it wasn’t going to happen, not on my watch.  Result, the BBQ won = I won.

Again, GUESS WHAT!?!

Yep, with a near empty fridge (groceries never seem to happen on long weekends for us) my ability to decide on what to eat for dinner was super easy – that’s right, two nights in a row, way to go me!  On the menu is roasted eggplant and swiss chard over rice.  It’s a vegetarian night.  This time I roasted the eggplant in the afternoon and cooked the rice so all E had to do was saute.  I know, not science rocket but I can’t be too ambitious my first week; under promise, over deliver.  Right?

In other news, the first frost has landed in Winnipeg and our evenings are now hitting negatives.  Last year  E and I geared up so now it’s Miss C’s turn.  As we did last year, we always end up at MEC on the coldest and windiest fall day, making purchases in a store catering to the very cold temperatures, very easy.  However, we couldn’t compete with the dad who brought his two kids to get geared up for the winter and left $700 poorer, lol, and not without a call from his wife at checkout making sure all things were matching.  We for sure saw our future that day.

Miss C winter

I can’t close the MEC conversation just yet.  I have to thank the young, bearded new employee working upstairs that day.  E was trying on coats (I know, I know but it’s hard to resist), and while he was doing this our little angel was doing what she does best while out in public, grunting.  And not for fun, she has a purpose and she does not hide it.  As her face gets redder and grunts get louder we smile harder and laugh even louder.  Our parenting still needs some work, lol.  I volunteered.  After she ‘is finished’ she screams bloody murder, already taken her out of her seat I realize I need the diaper bag.  The young man sees me struggling and offers a hand.  The bag is stuck, he is reluctantly pulling trying not to ruin the bag, she is screaming and I just keep telling him “pull, just pull it, keep on pulling it” .  Poor guy, but finally the bag is free.  At this point she is still losing it and I am holding her around the ribs trying not to make matters worse down there.  I get to the door, its locked.  I think he realized this and was heading my way.  As I walked through the door the security buzzer goes off, I told him it goes off on me everywhere I go, he told me I’m wearing their coat.  Yep.  Unfortunately, it doesn’t end because I need to take it off.  You know when you’re driving and get too hot with your coat on and your passenger has to pull your sleeve off in such a way that you don’t drive off the road, well that happened, but instead we’re trying not to drop a baby.  That was just getting to the change table and let me tell you it didn’t get easier, that’s all I’m saying about that.

With our first staycation as a family this weekend – let the winter clothes stay where they’ve been all week, lol, stacked up in the living room, and Lindsay, we may have some serious organizing to do next week!

Ciao for now,

Kiki & Miss C

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