50/100 happy weeks – Celebrating 50 Weeks

Although I did not get to writing 50 posts I am still going to celebrate that I am still actively blogging after 50 weeks… to be honest I didn’t know if this would stick, but I love writing so the train will keep on moving!  Also, today is my official 1-year in Winnipeg …. a blog and a baby, lol, what a year!

Now i’m sure there is a question many of you are probably wondering, has the dynamic of being the chefs wife changed since the arrival of Miss C?  Bluntly, does she cook, yet?

The answer is complicated and still early to answer.  At this time, I barely have time to feed myself during the day, making food prep difficult.  I am however, feeling more responsibility to do so; that should count for something, no?    Thankfully, like years before ‘the chef’ is ok with this allowing for my daily priorities to be taking care of little miss and myself first.

What I do consider to be a breakthrough is my lofty goal for weekly meal planning.  The thought of planning and executing meals right now is too much for my brain to comprehend so with the enlisted help of E we made a deal – we write up a dinner menu together and I execute it.  I even searched for and found one of my fave blogs, Tasty Yummies that I will be looking to for inspiration.  I know some of you remember my snack obsession with roasted chickpeas, your welcome, and all thanks to Tasty Yummies!  Your favourite (healthy) snackfood will be making a comeback on a coffee table near….well, you, if you are brave enough to visit us in Winnipeg.  As for the meal planning, I am looking to you for accountability and ideas, leave in the comments your favourite meal and I will (I promise) make it!  I need all the motivation I can muster.

Also, kale season is back and I am sooo excited!

Aside from food, most of you are probably looking for an update on Miss C, naturally.  Well, yesterday we hit the 2 month mark already, and it shows.  She is very alert and becoming more aware of her surroundings every day.  She even has a friend.  We don’t know much about her other than her parents are The Fisher Pricer’s, she has no name and is into music.  We think she is a bit ‘psychotic’ but Miss C loves her, especially when she sings and plays music for her.  Personally, I don’t trust her voice but who am I to judge?  I’m guessing this might be the beginning of having to deal with friends we don’t approve of?  Probably.

She also had her 2 month check-up today and is weighing a healthy 10.25 lbs and 24.5 inches.  We all know it was inevitable she will be tall (however, doc says she probably won’t hit 6ft)  but it’s already showing through one tell tale sign…. her feet.  The poor girl’s feet are too long for her onesies – she’s not able to point her feet without rounding her little toesy’s ….grandma wants me to measure them so that we can find clothes for her based on her feet size, lol, I on the other hand am tempted to cut off the feet; but with the first frost on the ground this week, I would be a bad mama with a cold baby.

Lastly, as we just finished a beautiful long weekend celebrating Thanksgiving with friends and family Miss C did not miss out here, we have a lovely group of friends that we celebrated with and she was well taken care of!

I will be back with another post later this week, aurevoir for now!

Kiki and Miss C

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