27/100 happy weeks (coming, part deux)

I read an article for husbands of pregnant wives, basically letting us off the hook for everything.  I am using reason #9 for having not published a post in way too long … Lazy.  Pregnant women are lazy they say, and for this first time mama I am accepting myself for who I am right now and no less, lol, laziness and all.  It’s really the weirdest thing, I have no desire to do anything unless it has to do with baby.  It’s like a switch was flipped and the “who care’s” button was pushed – poor hubby, if I didn’t already know I wanted to keep him around for life this would of proved time to make that decision. (#getyourown #hesmine, for you Cara S.)

It was 6 weeks 2 days ago at 8pm we were sitting waiting for our appointment.  Feeling excited and nervous, the nice woman (that’s why you pay for private), called us in.  The next ten minutes were it, there was no turning back.  Having no clue what we were looking for (that umbilical cord can be deceiving), she gave us one last chance to back out – we were on a mission and our need for planing outfits and room decor solidified there was only one way out.  Thankfully,  the baby cooperated, it was clear as day, no trouble at all letting us know who was coming in August.

I do have to preface, regardless of the sex E and I both knew that we were going to be in for some major payback.  Boy or girl, either one was going to get us to the grave sooner than later, so when she said my intuition was right E had already started scheming.

Definitely her father’s daughter, she had no problem expressing herself to us from the womb that night.  As we looked at the t.v screen she started pointing her finger at us, waving (which we ooh’d and awww’d) until this conversation took place,

Technician: “Wow, having no problem confirming she is a girl!” (again and again she could find those 3 lines) And again, “look at her, legs are spread wide open for everyone to see!”.  I laugh now and I did then too, but my response hit home for ‘dad’ over here,

Me: “Well, she better close ’em when she gets out or we’re going to have bigger problems”

Those oooh’s and awww’s were replaced with thoughts of her looking back at us thinking, “poor suckers, see you soon”.

E might of had a minor heart attack right then and there – the payback begins already.

It’s hard to explain that moment when you find out.  Once you know, you know for good.  You can’t take it back, no surprise at the end of 9 months (a small percentage for some) and for a moment you question if you did the right thing.  It was clear confirmation we did the right thing, we named her at the Keg right after.  Time to start shopping and planning that baby room!!  Oh wait, it’s called a nursery… where did I put those books?

10 and 18 weeks

Here is a sneak peak of how quickly these babies grow.  What used to be a penthouse she was living in is now closing in on her, lol, would this be considered your first life lesson?This is at 10 & 18 weeks – we are now 24!


The next day (grandma) barb was down for a visit and E was going in for oral surgery.

In defence of my ‘lazy’ argument, I haven’t just been twiddling my thumbs and sleeping.  Sleeping yes, but a lot has been accomplished that has to do with … ‘her’.

The name board I created was now organized and all the boy names could be placed under the No category, we entered Babies R Us for the first time not having a clue as to why there was so much stuff when all we needed was a crib and a stroller ….. (we have learned since), purchased baby furniture – I am in love, found the
bedding we wanted and now we are in decorating mode, which makes me extremely happy!  As most of you know, E and creativity go together like vanilla ice cream and fudge sauce – like, how do you have them apart?!?  Needless to say we have been equally involved in the decorating process and doing really good at agreeing on a lot – to my happy surprise.  Now that we have a plan in place for the room I am thinking of dedicating the next few posts to ‘The Room’.  What do you think?

Part deux to follow….. food cravings, maternity clothes and my new sleeping partner!

Kiki xoxo




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