17/100 happy weeks – Workin’ Girl

Well, by the non-existent posts the last three weeks you may have guessed it, I was offered and accepted the job!!!!.

It happened so quickly and I can’t even believe how much time has flown by already, here we are three weeks in and (although it’s technically still the honeymoon phase) I report into the most wonderful boss and the company has built great work-life balance into their culture. I also get my own office with a window on the top floor and (although some may not like this) I travel around between 3 locations all week, the only thing I have to worry about is showing up at the right place.  Good-bye TH, hello working woman!

I work with this sweet woman who although has been in Canada for most of her life has not lost her Belgian accent.  Before I had time to place her she asked me, “Where are you from (with honestly, the most puzzled look on her face) you have an accent, you’re not from here?”. I tried my best to not mirror her puzzled expression, “Ontario?” I responded, and for a second it actually made me think if I had some eastern european or German undertones….  It was a weird moment.  Needless to say, I speak like an Ontarian – yes, there is such a thing.  #thingsyoulearninwinnipeg.  So, there you have it folks you don’t need to leave Canada to have an international experience – apparently, just go straight to Winnipeg?

On a more important note, I am missing my colourist.  Yes, I said it, she knows it, I message her every time I go and try a new salon (and I send pics)… they are just not cutting it here (no pun intended).  I miss my Civello experience, I miss the 9 week grow-out she gives me and I miss our conversations, it’s the right amount of gossip and real life, that makes a couple hours fly by… and she does an amazing blow out; it has been at least 5 years…. more I think with her.  We are planning a trip back to Ontario in May/June and possibly a quick one before, hopefully we can fit each other in.   Lauren, I know you’re reading this and if I made enough money to fly you out every 9 weeks I would.  Would you come to Winnipeg?!?   I swear the destinations will get better and warmer!

Over the past few weeks E has been amazing making my lunches everyday.  I should be slightly ashamed too, but he also is making dinner (please reserve all judgement…. please?) nevertheless, I think now that my body is finally used to working 8 hours a day I can fully start to contribute ….

With his take-charge over this I had a moment when looking at a bag of rice, it instantly struck me (not literally, but that would be really funny if it did – I don’t know how, I’m not worrying about logistics, but those that know me could see it happening).  What …. ‘caught my attention’ what the way it was tied back up after it was used.  The original purpose of this blog was to highlight things that happen when you live with a chef, and this was it, that moment when you realize that you are so used to living with a chef that these funny, quirky, make-shift moments occur so often you don’t even recognize them anymore.  We can take it one step further too, anyone who’s time is precious and wants simple and convenient – such as, the chip clip, doesn’t usually exist with a chef at the helm of a domestic kitchen. The domestic vs. commercial kitchen debate is ongoing and will have it’s own post one day.  This my friends, is not convenient AND is a one time use only…


And because I’m sure all the rubber bands I save in the drawer below are just for decoration, he probably had a random piece of plastic wrap just hanging out that needed to be used. #resourcefulhusband #ithink #wherearethescissors

The SIL is visiting this weekend and I am sure there will be a few shenanigans that we get into, so updates on the adventures of three amigos next week!

Kiki xoxo


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