14/100 happy weeks – So long TH lifestyle

It’s time to say goodbye.

My days of being a TH have left me as quickly as they came (damn Gen X influence) and I am pushing forward as a ‘career woman’.  You know, that place I was missing last week with conflicting personalities and four walls – but not a prison because they give you a paycheck.  That’s the place.

Unfortunately, I didn’t take into consideration the ladies I was having coffee and lunches with during the days, my own personal coffee dates with myself (where I spent so much time getting this blog started and reading my book club books, well book – I watched the movie for the 2nd one) and the mental preparedness I am going to need in order to be a fully functioning human being before 8am, 5 days a week.

Luckily, I had one lunch date already in the works for one last midday hurrah and of course a little retail therapy included.

For some reason I also added a little physical…ugh, therapy, to my weekend?  Since I had started to let myself go on this TH lifestyle bringing back routine was essential – and so was fitting into my work clothes.  My ‘problem area’ is where gravity likes to go, south, so cardio, leg and glutes were my focus.  Not being able to walk 30 minutes after my workout and still feelin’ the burn 24 hours later is a good indicator I should continue this workout thing.

Tata for now!


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