13/100 happy weeks – Suburbia ‘ish’

As I have come to embrace the TH lifestyle I have surprisingly come to miss what I had before. Employment.  You know, working a full-time job where you’re confined to a building with the same people day-in and day-out and you get your own personal paycheck.  Some may call it prison (well, minus the paycheck) but if you like the organized chaos and the colliding of personalities it is a great place to spend your days.

This new relaxed lifestyle I have adopted has become a little too relaxed, even for me.  Being the one who voluntarily and ecstatically agreed to this move, I am now learning what this all means. Over the past week, like a Gen X’er,  I was finally ready to start working and I wanted a job yesterday.

A little side note, have you ever noticed that when things start to pile up and you’re trying to keep your shit together that you inevitably have that major breakdown (the one that takes your face a day to recover) but then things just seem to fall into place?  It’s usually weeks of doing everything right, keeping it together that you think you should be blessed with a positive result, but for some reason the breakdown needs to happen. 

Needless to say, there were a few game changers this week (post breakdown), along with the hubs’ work party Friday and Jet’s hockey game on Sunday night I had a girls luncheon on Saturday (that I completely forgot about), a call-back for a position I applied to in December which included a phone screen, in-person interview and starting of references (all by Friday – whaaat?!?) and temperatures rose to 0 degrees on Saturday – is hell freezing over? No wait, it was the breakdown.

What’s that saying?  When it rains it pours.  Well bring on the rain because what a fab weekend! The girls lunch was through a group on MeetUp.com and to my surprise, there were a fair number of us who were transplants into the city from other provinces and we are in similar places in our lives, all having left behind and embracing the same new things.  It made the whole TH and Married Sans Children thing much more fun!  I also joined a book club, but we’ll save that for another day.


Hubs picked me up from the lunch and we couldn’t turn down a stroll through the Exchange District with such nice weather.  I didn’t realize how much I missed downtown living.  The architecture, independent stores and restaurants, walking everywhere I felt a renewed energy.

photo 4

It surprised me as I was actually starting to appreciate elements of the suburbia lifestyle such as the quietness, ease of driving everywhere and no more heel-toe express.  Needless to say, that all went to hell in a hand-basket.

As for the job, we’ll talk next week.




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