5 & 6/100 happy weeks – Christmas Fever

The past two weeks have flown by so I combined two weeks of excitement into one!

E told me that I should probably get out of the house and go do something during the day – outside and in public.  I have to admit with the turn of the weather I was becoming a bit of a hermit.

I am usually head over heels excited when the first snowfall of the year arrives! E is forced to bring up the decorations from storage so I can enjoy a glass of wine, christmas music and decorating.  It was a bit different this year, we had many snowfalls and it still, just didn’t feel like home.  It took my hubs suggestion of getting my butt out the door to Chapters for it happen.  Christmas fever hit all at once.  With holiday flavours and scents, music playing and sparkly and cozy everywhere there wasn’t a question Chapters would do it (and he knew it!) fully stocked with all of the above and Starbucks – I was in holiday heaven.  And in love with a pricey candle.  Maybe it was the music, or the sparkles or maybe I love the look of the jar more – but I found it!

After a very heavily caffeinated week (the candle doesn’t seem so expensive after all the coffee I drank) E picked me up from Starbucks, where we indulged in a pre-dinner cafe and caught up on the day.  The temperatures were dropping quickly and the roads had a ‘polish’ on them so we stayed close to home for our Friday night date night, we actually stayed right in the plaza.  Another resto recommendation, La Fiesta Cafecito,  was a quaint, warm and cozy El Salvadorian restaurant who’s owners are there to seat and serenade (literally, the husband is in original garb with a guitar and sings to your table) you through the night, while you dine on their home-made menu!  Mmmm…

I have accustomed myself to a fairly nice daily routine:  blogging, networking, going for coffee and cleaning throughout the week.  It was on Monday night it all broke loose, Barb and Greg confirmed they were coming – Friday morning.  Flights were booked!

3 days to get organized.  I have to divulge, we became a bit lax on unpacking the last few of our boxes (that were stored in the spare bedroom) as they needed a proper home – which we had not purchased yet.   It was also my first week volunteering at St. Amant which meant Tuesday & Wednesday mornings were out, I had an interview Thursday morning and as new Manitobans we had our first doctors appointment Thursday afternoon as well.  Yoga is out this week.

As with most Winnipeg flights, there were delays, coming and going.  Waiting for their arrival on the good ‘ol Hug Rug I surprised myself when I spotted and named Doug Gilmour coming down the escalator – my first celebrity sighting in “the Peg”! Alone, I had to contain my excitement although the chicky-poo with the platinum dreads who looked like a strung-out cabbage patch kid (or Betsy Johnson) would of took any attention away from me.

We were so excited to see each other (my parents not Dougy) that after the distraction of the Hug Rug and the new R8 we headed for the doors without luggage!  Who needs clothes when it’s -14… And in true Barbie form she said, “we only brought 2 suitcases”.  My response, “As oppose to?”  I was really thinking, was this 3 day trip extended?

Heading straight to the Fairmont for lunch (where chef E spoiled us) we of course ate too much and were ready for a nap.  A couple weeks ago my mom asked me if I was able to go for a walk outside by myself during the day, after I laughed and assured her we don’t live on ‘skid row’ the only next best thing was to see for herself.  We left E at work and went home. To nap. Safely.

The four of us spent the weekend eating, drinking, playing euchre and travelling the city.

Keeping it low key we hit up a local pub Tap’s, where we may have not only been the oldest but also the ‘soberist’ as we were the only patrons to notice the draught was flat and asked for bottles.   We ate, took our old selves home, played some cards and hit the hay.  We had a big day on Saturday that started with a trip to Selkirk, to visit Les – I know, 2x in a month…

Hovering around 15 years of catch-up you appreciate having Facebook and smart phones to help you out.  Les took us to Half Moon, a restaurant that serves burgers, fries and milkshakes and has been around for 75 years.  With burgers for breakfast, a tour of Selkirk and a ‘Catfish’ monument Les would like us to remember him by, 2 hours flew by quickly and we headed back to the city.  Yes, the city.

Winnipeg erected the Human Rights Museum and just opened so we were able to get the ‘rents in on a tour and I dropped E off at Hunter & Gunn.  A pretty cool place that does hot shaves and donates $1 from every cut to charity.

I won’t spend much time on dinner that night as it was simply…ok.  We were in a great area called The Forks at a restaurant called Smith.  The only memorable thing was the company and the steak tartare (which you want to forget) was 8oz of raw ground beef served with stale crostini.

Sunday came too fast, we took one last tour of the city to Assiniboine Park and Academy road.  E and I had a dinner to attend Sunday night, which meant early to the airport.

Incremental weather had already started – which meant they were leaving with the 0 degree weather they brought with them.  I secretly wished the plane wasn’t able to take off,  but after being brought there an hour early and departing an hour late, I was happy they they made it back to Ontario, safe and sound.

Our dinner Sunday night was actually a ‘do’ held by the Chaine Rotisseurs, which E has been invited to become a member.  A year from now he will get his chains… yes, this actually exists.  I had not realized before this that I had not experienced “real” fine dinning until that night, and this was an informal event. Who would of thought E was going to be in the market for a tux when we moved to Winnipeg…



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