4/100 happy weeks – Time Flies

I can’t believe how 4 weeks have come and gone already.

When I think of what has transpired in the past month and the weeks leading up to it, we encountered a lot of shi*t!  I feel I have permission to use this word in its entirety (but chose not to, yet) and I will tell you why: it is the only swear word my mother used when we were growing up.  She even upped herself as she never used it alone, it was always accompanied by -disturber.  Shit-distruber – there, now I can use it.  If she could use it, so could we.  Thanks mom.  So when we take a look back on the whole moving process and everything it took and that happened to get us here the irony was not lost on either of us that we were two people that didn’t have enough time in a day to think straight to now having the added bonus of time in a city that is much slower, with less things to do and people to see.   We also just met this grumpy old man, his name is Winter and our new house guest till spring.

Since time (and its whole team) is on our side we have been able to live a fairly normal life.  My dad told us growing up to go to school and work Monday to Friday (being your own boss you work on other people’s play days) so I did just that.  What I didn’t do was apply that rule to anyone I dated and even worse, married 😉  When you work in hospitality the door is always open so it’s been a change to actually be on the receiving end of a normal schedule.

With time on our side we decided to sign-up for a 30 day unlimited yoga pass.  We did not lose our yoga virginity here but it was the first time we have gone together.  After our first class the owner of the studio was kind enough to point out to us that there are 2 types of yoginis – the bendable kind (my words, not hers) and a rock (hers, not mine).  Clearly she was setting expectation levels that we were already quite aware of.  As this was our first attempt at getting back in shape we opted for more of a stretch and relaxation class to get our feet wet again.  I don’t know if it was the Winnipeg air or what but my hubs over here fell asleep and didn’t even know it (what he claims to be my rendition of it).  I could tell by his breathing (which I know all too well) that it was verging on a full-on snore fest, and it would be my duty to get him out of it if this happened.  Fortunately I was safe this time but the jury is apparently still out on whether he actually fell asleep in the class or not…

This week also brought an unfortunate incident, E lost one of his favourite shirts. Mr. Lauren was a nice royal blue and white stripe that fit perfectly, fortunately it took place under a sweater,  so no public viewings.  As much as we tried to convince ourselves that we needed a second bedroom for guests it was really for our clothes.  So, a couple days after we lost Mr. Lauren (or so I thought) I found him lying on the bed in the second bedroom – curious?  Now, I am fairly confident that I know my hubs well enough to predict most of his responses… this time, not so much.  His response still makes me laugh, shake my head and act as a reminder that I will never truly know what goes on up there.  His response to me was, “I will, I just want to take the buttons off first”.   The answer swirled around in my head and I realized this wasn’t to get a rise out of me, he was actually serious!  I still have a hard time, even days later, trying to wrap my head around this one and with two ziploc bags full of random buttons from the past 5 years we did not need anymore.  The next day Mr. Lauren was out of his misery with all facets in tact – dans la poubelle.

And of course, a post cannot go by without mentioning a new food adventure.  On the menu this week, pizza! What I have learned since moving here is that Manitoba has a large American influence.  Translate to pizza terms, we have a Papa John’s.  It wasn’t on my list but E has been talking about it since I arrived.   Much like our experience with getting our driver’s license it was a hilariously frustrating (you know when you can’t believe what you’re hearing that you just have to laugh… ya) experience.  Since online ordering and mobile capabilities were less than navigable,  we had to resort to good ol’ fashion dialling.  Our usual group of toppings had yet to let us down, until now.  If I remember correctly, they had a total of 4 vegetable options and one being onions and couple this with a time frame that pizza’s are usually made and picked-up by.  My pizza world was now slowly closing in on me and I was missing even more than before Windsor pizza. However, to our surprise, the lack-lustre named, no in-room dining pizza joint whose large pizza’s only have 8 slices turned out to be an institution in the city and was actually really, really good.  Go figure – it has a perfect name for carb addicts like myself, Pizza Hotline.

Lastly, the most recent article written on Eraj caused some stir when he was described as a “Disciplined Wildman” (pg. 36).   A full montage of E in the media coming soon…

Until next week, Kiki.


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