3/100 happy weeks – Busy Bee’s

Now that our public appearances have ended for the next while it was time to hit the papers or what we now call the Internet and get serious about finding a job.

I had already lined up two meetings this week so off to a good start.  My first meeting was with Kristina. Her and I met once before on my first visit to Winnipeg, and it was like meeting an old friend, if it had been more like a Saturday at 11am  instead of Friday at 9AM we would have ordered a bottle of wine and a charcuterie platter, but coffee and eggs it was.   So, needless to say I was looking forward to our Monday luncheon.  We discussed business and up-coming opportunities and our social calendars all at the same time – dinner at our place and hot tub at their house.  As a TH you have to put your priorities first you know…

My second meeting I had was mid-week with Lily.  We connected through LinkedIn and she was  (thankfully) willing to meet with me.  I don’t know if  it was my eagerness or that my life as a TH had been so hectic lately, but I was a bit early in meeting her, I showed up at Starbucks, waited, emailed her and finally decided that she wasn’t coming.  I probably should have taken note when the barista gave me a vanilla rooboise tea instead of chamomile that my day was going to be off.  What I came to realize was that my day was really off, a week off in fact, yep a week early, probably not as awkward though as me asking around if anyone was named Lily at 930 in the morning….   Thankfully she still met with me… a week later.  After our meeting I was re-invigorated in my job search and equipped with new ways to navigate my way through the Winnipeg marketplace.

Amazingly enough, I received a call for an interview for the following week – will keep you posted!

As we all may know (or have guessed), my meals may not be the most exciting on the pallet, so when it came to Friday E was itching to eat out and of course he had places in mind, 3 to be exact.    With our first (and short lived) bout of flurries this week, it was no surprise that one of the resto’s was Thai; we were definitely missing our Spadina comfort food this week.

We were told that down the street from us was a really good Thai restaurant called Siam.  On our menu we ordered the pork lettuce wrap (emphasis  on ‘hot chilli’ would have been a nice touch on the menu) but as suckers for punishment we ate it all and wanted more, thai style wonton soup which was delish and so fresh,  spicy fried rice that could of borrowed some chilli’s from the wrap and stir-fried fish in lemon grass sauce where the fish was cooked perfect.  As for the sauce, I am sure it’s a personal choice.  As a our first foray into the Asian dining market in Winnipeg, I would give a 7.5/10… will keep you posted, apparently there is a chinatown here.

Saturday came and went but it was Sunday morning that was action packed.  Drum roll please…. Curling!

As you might be envisioning E trying to bend down, me trying to walk on ice  (baby giraffe), I am sorry to disappoint.  There is no video and it wasn’t us who were curling, this time.  We were at the women’s Grand Slam Curling finals (in Selkirk, MB – a quaint town with vibe equivalent to that of Grand Bend in the height of Winter and our first foray outside of “the city”) with Alberta playing Sweden we saw 2014 Olympians in action.  And, considering this was the only sport E watched all winter he knew them by name.  With free F.M radio’s so you could listen to the broadcast with the occasional interception of country music, a large popcorn and tea (it was filling a lot of needs like warmth and hunger at 9am) we were set for the morning.

Our afternoon was consumed with an Indian food buffet at 3pm which landed us into a food coma by 330.  And, to add a little more suffering to our lives there is nothing like being in a state of complete comatose and someone still wanting to hit that third restaurant for a glass of wine.

As I sit barely breathing in the passenger seat off we headed to Cibo Waterfront Cafe .  It is the old pump house in Winnipeg that closed down in 1990.   Great atmosphere and views along the river, we had coffee instead in attempts to keep our heads from hitting the table.  As it mildly worked we made our way home and plopped on the couch, in front of our laptop (don’t ask about the t.v situation) and turned on Netflix.

P.S Alberta won!

P.P.S to add insult to injury, we were 5 minutes away from the house when I remembered we had to find a “Welcome to Winnipeg” sign for the family calendar – with us in front of it.   Just an hour detour to the airport and back.  Thank goodness for all the lights at the airport because we sure didn’t make it before sunset.


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