The Adventure Begins

Well folks, the time has arrived, I am bringing this one-hit-wonder back to life!

And on a more exciting note…..E is an Executive Chef!  We have always wanted to travel and knew that his job would give us the opportunity to do so.  Our plan of escaping North America to blue waters and luscious sand has always been a dream for us…. oh yes, and still is.  When we talked about seeing the world the Canadian prairies weren’t at the top of our list – were they on the list?

Life is full of curve balls and we have to take the good with the bad (or at least not optimal), so here we are.  Our plans of  sun and sand have been replaced with a province that experienced their coldest winter in 116 years.  Putting that into relatable terms, you can’t.  Let’s try…the deep freeze was as cold as an uninhabited planet…yep, still no.  Or how about it having (said to have) the windiest corner in Canada…. definitely not the trade winds I was looking for.  Those muggy days, 27 degrees with 80% humidity in the city, i’m in heaven – going to miss your poor air quality and smog alerts Toronto.

Although it doesn’t have all the redeeming qualities we were hoping for (365 days of swimsuits) I am looking forward to our adventures in a colder, smaller, albeit friendlier province next door.  Shutting one door and opening another.

Winnipeg, I am home.

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